The product of our wine estate is to differ in all respects from traditionally produced wines and reflect the entire terroir – processing, location, soil and climate, diversity of nature. It should not be standardized and may vary from year to year according to environmental conditions. The harvest is carried out according to physiological maturity of the grapes and is carried out in several passes, naturally by hand. The full grapes are pruned and sorted again before they slide into the fermenting containers. These are large clay vessels, the amphorae. Here, spontaneous fermentation takes place with natural yeasts from the vineyard. The skin, the seeds and the juice remain together for at least 6 months, with complete aromatization from these components. This is followed by gentle pressing in the basket press. The freshly pressed wine comes back to the amphorae or the oakwood barrel for further maturation, where it remains at least another year. Before filling into the bottles, neither filtering nor fining takes place.