Variety of vines

Our concept includes the varietal selection of vines. As such we decided on the basis of the soil analysis and the high lime content of the soil for burgundy varieties. These old grape varieties correspond to our desire for high quality through the most careful care in the vinification, and originality during the vinification. So we have planted one third of Pinot gris, Pinot blanc and Pinot noir. The range is supplemented by a smaller number of Merlot. In the way of everything is handmade, weeding, chopping, mowing, cutting, flaking without the use of machines. The weeds between the wine rows are seldom mowed and left to improve the soil. In order to counteract a harmonization of a ruderal flora, every second or third year is milled and buckwheat or sycamore clover sown. Subsequently, the succession of the ruderal flora continues for the next few years independently. The use of chemical weed killers is prohibited. Regular control of parasitic fungi (oidium, peronospora, bot- thritis, etc.) is necessary in our climate and is kept to a minimum with constant monitoring of the situation.